MonsGeek M3W

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Color: Black
Layout: US-ANSI
Switch: V3 Cream Yellow Pro
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TKL Tenkeyless keyboards come with 87 keys, a perfect layout without a number pad to balance size and functionality which helps give more desk space. 
Model: M3W
Mount: Gasket
Case Material: Aluminum CNC
Color: Black/Silver/Purple
Keycaps Profile: OEM
Printing Technology: Double-shot PBT
Backlit: South-facing RGB
Compatible System: Mac & Windows & Linux
Connection: Bluetooth / 2.4 GHz / USB-C Wired
LED: South-facing RGB
Hotswap: 5pin support
Battery Capacity: 6000mAh
Software: MonsGeek Driver
Cable: Coiled Cable
Size: 36.6cm*14.6cm*3.4cm
Barebone Weight: around 1950g

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